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Limitedness and Allegory

This installation emerged from Quantum Theory, every thing in universe, exists forever and affects everything that happens. When I first confronted with the photographs that had been taken by the time Dardanelles war, they seemed to me as if they were taken just today. So I decided to meet the past and today. Thus, to realize this intersection I applied the Platon’s “Cave Allegory” to my installation. In this project, the wall of the cave is my canvas, and the light –the real – is the photograph images coming from the projector. I paint the canvases according to the photographs that will be reflected on by the projector. What I want to attain is the conjunction of today –the canvases- with the past –the photographs reflected as the light and also the real. This conjunction is the field where the works go through the forth dimension. The images coming from the past meets today’s colors and sometimes with symbols on canvas. With the intersection of the canvas and the light of the projector, there comes a pyramidal area, which refers to the dimensional journey in time: A journey to Trojan and furthermore, to Atlantis.



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Create Your Unity on Your Ownself

When we look to photographs that are taken from space and cells, we will notice that they resemble each other so closely. “Chaos” includes lots of possibilities in its unity. When the harmony is developing, on the other hand there is a disorder that is built by this harmony… There is a harmony and unity in this disorder, which is formed by every one of us. To describe this, I constructed an installation referring to the game we played in our childhood. In this game there is a massive mainframe, and there are many small square pieces placed in it, but one of the square’s place is missing to let the other squares move to every direction. There is one part of the form on each square, and by moving squares, we try to find this exact complete form. At this project there is smaller square canvases in the main square frame and each canvas has an image of outer space or cell images. And still, one of the small square’s places is missing. Viewers, by changing places of the small squares that has the image of space and cell, will form their own unity in many possibilities of chaos.