Art intervenes between nothingness and us… Paint intervenes between nothingness and the canvas … And art always harbors reality within, and its challenges with itself originate from its exploration of truth. And by reminding us of mortality, art refers to immortality… There, we witness the conflicts of daily beings with nothingness, logos and, momentarily, everything.

For this reason, the canvas that is entirely closed in upon itself, is not a spatial surface, but an absorbing surface instead. It is a conveying ground, reflecting the process of the artist’s search for truth. It is the manifestation of a process where time exceeds spatial boundaries and past and future converge onto the present moment.

Therefore art always conveys energy from the inside to the outside; it reflects a subjective exploration through both inside/the innate and towards the outside. For this reason art emits an indisputably transforming energy.

In other words, whether it is a painting or a sculpture or an installation, art suggests a design of the future. It is an artistic or intellectual –individual or social- concern that prompts the artists. It’s irrepressible! It overflows from inside of you and pushes you towards realizing it. This is all the same whether it is a still life or a landscape; it doesn’t matter. All have a transforming effect. It is where your design of the future becomes embodied in life and meets truth.